The Missing Semester of your CS education

Our goal is to empower individuals with the essential knowledge and skills that were left out from their formal university education. We believe that every aspiring computer science professional deserves a comprehensive foundation in key areas that are often overlooked.

Pre-registration for the September 2023 cohort is now closed 😔, keep an eye for future cohort announcements

Ubuntu Shell prompt

6 weeks

Network programming

Learn Practical network programming and how to write highly efficient network applications.

  • Socket programming

  • Asynchronous networking

  • Network virtualisation

  • Security

8 weeks

Introduction to Operating systems

Learn about thoeratical and practical operating systems concepts and practice using real-world projects.

  • Resource virtualisation

  • Scheduling and Concurrency

  • Cgroups and Namespaces

  • Security

Network cables in a server rack

Mehdi Cheracher

Software Engineer @Meta, Focused on Infrastructure, Compilers and Distributed systems.

Dr. Ahmed Lekssays

Researcher @QCRI. Focused on Security, Blockchain, Distributed Systems, and Operating Systems.

Abdelaziz Eroui

Software Engineer, SRE @Google, Passionate about Games and Distributed algorithms

Abdelghafour mourchid

Software Engineer @Zalando


We start in September 2023

Ensuring the utmost convenience and accessibility for students, we have meticulously planned our Operating Systems course to align with the commencement of the school year. By strategically coordinating our course schedule with the academic calendar, we aim to provide an optimal learning experience that seamlessly integrates into students' educational journey.

    Ubuntu Shell prompt

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